Merit Award

Sonoma Vineyard Estate

Sonoma, CA

Roche + Roche Landscape Architecture

Principal Landscape Designer: Nancy Roche

This compound of refined stone buildings sits on 15 acres of a southwest-facing steep wooded slope just east of the town of Sonoma. The site features 3.5 acres of vineyard, a one-mile loop of walking/hiking trails, an insectary garden, terraced vegetable garden, and a fruit orchard.

The gravel auto court serves the detached garage and the carport, provides fire access and guest parking, and doubles as a casual petanque court.

The rear garden features covered outdoor dining and outdoor fireplace seating nearest the house, a fire pit and stone seat walls outside the guest wing, and an intimate gravel master terrace. The dark perimeter overflow pool creates a flat mirror-like plane that reflects the sky and clouds, and leads the eye to the valley views beyond. Limestone terraces and farmed American ash decks with chaises flank the pool.

A family of reclaimed and custom fabricated steel elements include a curved retaining/seat wall and gas fire pit, raised planters, recirculating water features, and 'bee hotels' designed to accommodate native nesting bees.