Merit Award

Intuit Mountain View Campus

Mountain View, CA


Lead Landscape Architect: James Haig Streeter

Client: Intuit

Located in Silicon Valley on the edge of the San Francisco Bay, the 22-acre Intuit Mountain View campus has been reinvented from an environment with poor pedestrian connectivity, limited employee amenities and inappropriate planting for the climate, into a contemporary, user-oriented, indoor-outdoor workplace that is transformational for the company and exemplary of sustainable redevelopment. An alternative transportation strategy, reduction in parking demand, and increased efficiency of parking spaces freed significant land area for public space. A study of desire lines informed the placement of a new campus heart, born of this reclaimed parking area and serving to unite the campus and provide a range of new amenities. Paving ribbons interlace the campus, improving way-finding for employees and visitors alike, teasing apart to create unique outdoor spaces, and connecting to the Bay Trail and amazing surrounding context. Despite increased planted area, the use of appropriate plantings and efficient irrigation has reduced the annual water consumption by a volume equivalent to one Olympic swimming pool.