Award of Excellence

Miaojing River: From a Hidden Treasure to Ecological Infrastructure

Kunshan, Jiangsu, China

Plat Studio Inc.

Lead Landscape Architect: Fred Liao

Client: Kunshan City Construction Investment Development Group Co., Ltd.

A 20 minute commute to Shanghai, the suburb of Kunshan is evolving into a high-tech livable city in its own right. Traditionally a watertown, Kunshan's culture is defined by its dependency on its waterways that support the central transportation and economy of the area through extensive canals, rivers and lakes.

A main artery of Kunshan's water supply, the Miaojing River has historically served as the city's main aqueduct, connecting the Kuilei Lake reservoir to the city center old town. Strict preservation of this channel has produced a large corridor of untouched ecological potential. With a recent transfer of the aqueduct into an expansive piping system, the Miaojing River has transitioned into new open space resource available for the city to experience.

This project aims to drive the green infrastructure development of Kunshan West with the Miaojing River as the central axis of abundant ecological value and recreational programs for surrounding communities. Anchoring the