Merit Award

Netflix, Inc. Albright Campus

Los Gatos, CA

Studio Five Design, Inc.

Lead Landscape Architect: Rich Sharp

Client: Netflix, Inc.

Netflix Albright Campus, a twenty one acre campus masterplan and build-out that incorporates four 4& 5 Story office buildings, surface parking and a parking structure into a re-purposed, circa 1980's tilt-up office park site. Objectives include development of campus identity around preservation of significant mature heritage vegetation, multi-function outdoor spaces and expanded open space thru connections to adjacent creekside trail. C3 treatment areas are integrated into the design as overlays of the planting pattern language. Courtyard and gardens work hand in hand for scaleability. Gardens provide breakout space for small group settings, intimate cafe decks and larger town square come together on upper terrace in concert with lower lawn to create an arena setting for all hands meetings, movies and/or concerts. Two hundred and sixty-two of the five hundred and forty (540) existing trees have been preserved including transplanting of thirteen Heritage oaks and redwood trees to achieve this goal. Project is LEED silver certified.