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  • ASLA Professional Designation
    Only ASLA members can use the professional designation. This exclusive credential shows clients and peers a commitment to the highest level of professionalism, giving you an important competitive edge.

  • Landscape Architecture Magazine
    Members consistently rank the award-winning Landscape Architecture magazine as one of the top benefits of membership. Stay on top of the profession with the latest news, trends, resources, and developments in design, technology, planning, and ecology.

  • Awareness of the Profession
    ASLA’s Public Relations and Communications department is dedicated to advancing awareness and appreciation of the profession. Reaching millions of people each year, these efforts strengthen the profession and, in turn, your career.

  • Federal and State Advocacy
    ASLA’s Government Affairs department works to ensure that the landscape architecture profession is at the forefront of local, state, and federal policymakers. ASLA supports and defends state licensure and is nearing its goal of obtaining practice acts in 50 states by 2010.

  • ASLA Advocacy Network
    Help shape the political landscape. By working together, landscape architecture professionals can leverage their numbers and expertise to positively impact the public policy. The ASLA Advocacy Network allows members to quickly and effectively communicate with policymakers about issues important to the profession.

  • Firm Finder
    Help others find your services. Professional members receive a free listing for their firm in Firm Finder, the online search tool that connects clients with landscape architecture professionals.

  • Chapters (full, associate, affiliate and corporate members only)
    With membership in the national organization comes membership in the local organization. Network with your peers and promote the profession in the local community through involvement with your ASLA Chapter.

  • LAND Online
    Delivered bi-weekly via email to your inbox. All the latest news and events of the Society are just a click away.

  • One Professional Practice Network (PPN) (additional PPNs available at nominal charge)
    To further network within your specialty, ASLA offers members a choice of 17 Professional Practice Networks (PPNs). PPNs unite colleagues who share common practice emphases, and provide members an advanced knowledge base and resources to call upon as needed. Members can join additional PPNs at a nominal charge.

  • Business Quarterly
    Each quarter, ASLA surveys key contacts for business statistics and prepares an economic outlook of the profession. The quarterly benchmarks are published online and shared with industry professionals and allied organizations.

  • National Landscape Architecture Month
    ASLA and ASLA chapters organize events and media coverage to promote National Landscape Architecture Month. Not only does National Landscape Architecture Month build awareness and showcase the importance of landscape architecture, but it also provides a unique opportunity to give back and mentor the next generation of professionals.

Landscape Architecture is your chosen profession, therefore it is appropriate for you to have a professional designation associated with your name: ASLA is the single most recognized credential that you can have. It shows clients and peers your commitment to the highest level of professionalism. It also gives you an important competitive edge.
Timothy Coppola, ASLA

Think about this: Landscape Architecture, as a profession, would cease to exist without ASLA. You can’t afford not to join ASLA if you want work as a landscape architect. We need you, you need ASLA. With the economic slow down many professions are reaching out into other fields, into landscape architecture, to expand their opportunities-ASLA protects our boundaries. ASLA is our advocate to the public, related professions, media, and government institutions. ASLA explains on a National level what we do, why it is important, and why our profession and training is crucial to the task of improving the livability of our built environment. ASLA makes sure we get credit where credit is due.

Christopher Kent, ASLA

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