by Colette Curran

The Bay Area Landscape Architecture Resources Community (LARC) is excited to share our most
recently recommended book, Braiding Sweetgrass , by Robin Wall Kimmerer, with you. Thank
you, Patricia Algara, for recommending this book.

Robin Wall Kimmerer is a botanist and member of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation. In her book,
she describes lessons that other living beings teach us. By listening to our oldest teachers, we
can understand Earth’s generosity and how we can give back to the earth.

Colette Curran, a Bay Area LARC co-founder, shared some of her takeaways from Braiding
Sweetgrass, “I read this book for a Native American studies class that I took at UC Davis. I really
enjoyed reading this beautiful and poetic book. The book increased my gratitude for nature and
led me to reflect on how much there is to learn from plants and animals. One of my favorite
parts of the book was the story about the relationship between the three sisters (beans, corn,
and squash).”

If you would like to purchase this book, you can order a copy from Milkweed.

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Photo credit: Michelle Curran