In July ASLA-NCC along with PWP lead designers of Salesforce Park, Adam Greenspan and Cornelia Roppel, for a tour of the 5.4 acre park located on top of the Salesforce Transit Center in downtown San Francisco. The integrated park has become the central public open space in a new mixed-use neighborhood that has been growing around it. It brings nature, horticulture, art and a rich mixture of botanical and active programmed experiences to downtown San Francisco. The park is an integral component of the sustainability program for the building that sits below it. The rooftop park serves as an essential element in the growth of the new East Cut neighborhood in San Francisco and provides high quality public open space and access to nature in an area that lacks significant space for urban parks at street level. The park’s location on top of the bus terminal and connection to several adjacent towers in addition to its robust schedule of programmed activities results in a park that is widely used by a diverse group of people.