We are excited to share our new Bay Area LARC logo! Included on the Bay Area LARC logo is a western meadowlark. Not only do LARC and lark sound the same, but the western meadowlark’s native range includes the Bay Area!

The western meadowlark is important to ecosystems throughout the western United States, southern Mexico, and Southwestern Canada. They can be found in open grasslands, meadows, and marshes. Western meadowlarks are winged architects; sometimes they add a roof or entry tunnel to their nest. With the distinct yellow belly and V-shaped chest markers, the western meadowlark is easier to spot than to hear. Western meadowlarks primarily eat insects and grain and weed seeds. Farmers appreciate western meadowlarks for eating insect pests that damage their crops.

In the last 50 years we have lost 1 in 4 North American bird species (Source: Audubon Society). Supporting native flora and fauna in our landscapes can connect isolated habitats and protect the genetic viability of the remaining populations. To learn more about native birds, check out the Pocket Guide to Birds of San Francisco Bay, a free, bird-watcher friendly document that includes a quick identification of many native birds.

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