Chip Sullivan, ASLA
University of California, Berkeley

Nomination in Knowledge by Northern California Chapter

For more than three decades, Chip Sullivan has developed a unique pedagogy in landscape architecture education by merging art, nature, and environmental consciousness. His focus has been to teach people how to see the landscape and to channel that awareness of landscape into artful and sensitively designed work. Chip’s professional reputation is also based on his own masterful skill at landscape visualization and representation. His book, Drawing the Landscape, now in its fourth edition, is a key text for students worldwide. His artwork has been exhibited in over seventy galleries in the United States, Canada, and Europe. Since 2013, Chip has been a co-organizer and co-leader for the popular “sketch crawl” workshops at ASLA annual meetings. In 2016 he received the ASLA Jot D. Carpenter Teaching Medal and in 2018 was elected to the College of Fellows by CELA. Early in his career he received the Rome Prize from the American Academy. His recent book, Cartooning the Landscape, serves as an opus of his teaching and professional philosophy. Through the lens of drawing, Chip is dedicated to ideals of sustainability and beauty and through impassioned teaching strives to use the power of landscape architecture to create positive change in the world.

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