he Northern California Chapter of ASLA Emerging Professionals Committee is working on creating a web page of resources curated by Landscape Architects and anyone related to the field. The Bay Area Landscape Architecture Resources Community’s (LARC) mission is to increase accessibility and awareness of resources related to landscape architecture and provide a web page where people can find resources on a topic of interest. Whether you are a student, professor, working professional, or interested in landscape architecture, the LARC web page will provide information on resources of various topics including landscape architecture research, webinars, L.A.R.E. prep, community organizations, and more. The more engagement we have, the more useful this will be to everybody, so we would really appreciate your input.
We encourage you to start a conversation on this post on your favorite publications. Is there a recent read you would like to share with other professionals? An article for students to stay up to date on current events? A publication of a local project? Your favorite LARE prep material? We have started a resources list and are looking forward to growing it! Please respond to this post, fill out the Google Form below, or message us privately at research@asla-ncc.org with the name, author, and a short description of any resource(s) that you recommend.
Google form:
Here is the list we began:

If you are interested in helping with the LARC web page, please let us know. Thank you for helping us with this project!

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