Honor Award


Nanchang, China

SWA Group

Principal Landscape Architect: Hui-Li Lee
Client: Nanchang Economic Development Administration

Rule Lake Metropolitan Park is one of the major urban stormwater lakes in Nanchang, China. The city is situated at the delta of the Poyang Inland Estuary, where the unique rhythm of water brings richness of life, yet at the same time unpredictable flood damages. Building upon an existing seasonal lake within extreme water-level changes, the project was challenged by the tension between the untamed natural beauty, and public safety. In the regional planning phase, the landscape architects worked closely with urban designers, municipality and flood district authorities to identify suitable development areas and existing natural resources, and successfully defended the ecological sensitive zones for preservation and recreation. In the site planning and design phase, the team refined the interfaces of urban stormwater green infrastructure and connected these LID facilities into the park elements. The Metropolitan Park program and amenities are carefully planned and allocated per their compatibility with draught or flood, thereby increasing its resiliency, and turning the most difficult tidal zones into celebrated lakeshore characters.