Merit Award

Mission Bay Kids Park

San Francisco, CA

RHAA Landscape Architecture + Planning

Principal Architects: Cordelia Hill, Principal Emeritus

Client: Mission Bay Development Group

Centered in a new redevelopment area of San Francisco, Mission Bay Kids’ Park responds to the lack of playground space for approximately 800 children in a dense residential neighborhood. The park evolved from a demand by the local mothers groups for a playground that √äcould meet the needs of children of all ages for active play. The park provides a safe place for their children to play and explore in an urban environment as well as a place for the community to gather and hold events. Two thirds of the park is a playground, while outside the playground is a lawn, picnic area, and plaza for all users. Through a public outreach process, families chose a design that balanced the need for active play equipment with the desire for nature play and interaction with the natural environment. The focal point of the park is a nature exploration zone where willow structures, log sculptures and stone stream beds offer opportunities for imaginative play. A large turf hill and redwood forest provide direct contact with nature.