Merit Award

Law Estate Vineyards

Paso Robles, CA

Lutsko Associates

Principal Architect: Ron Lutsko

Client: Law Estate Vineyards

At the Law Estate Vineyards near Paso Robles, California a new winery building, vineyards and constructed landscape were designed together to integrate with the 55 acre site and surrounding landscape. With the wine maker, the design team studied the property’s slopes and ridge line, views and exposure to locate vineyard blocks, barrel caves, the production facility, interior and exterior hospitality spaces, and areas for restoration while creating a dramatic experience of the winery and region. While the building and hardscape express a vivid contrast between production and hospitality spaces, man-made forms and natural, the planted landscape is designed to unify, expressing the rich play of native and agricultural landscapes found throughout the Paso Robles area. An orchestrated mix of formal and naturalistic plantings reinterprets an ancient design practice, borrowing the landscape of the Salinas River Valley to create a modern project that fits perfectly within a centuries old agricultural landscape.