Honor Award

India Basin

Bionic Landscape

Design Director/Principal: Marcel Wilson

Client: BUILD:

Embodying a commitment to sustainable placemaking, the India Basin project proposes the transformation of acres of former industrial lands on San Francisco’s bay into an active waterfront destination and a vibrant, diverse village. The comprehensive design reconnects surrounding communities with the shoreline, cultivates economic opportunities, and provides mixed-income housing.

At the crux of the project is the ability for the site to respond and adapt to changes over time and across all systems. The project 's long build out timeframe suggests that technology, climate, and site conditions faced at the outset of construction may have changedby the time the last structure is built. The ability to iterate upon technologies, adjust public spaces, and monitor ecological landscape elements as they develop over time, is an important aspect to all site and building systems. Examples of this approach include the ability to adapt to rising sea levels and changes in climate, integrate improved battery storage for on-site generated power, and adapt parking to another use should vehicles become less necessary.