Merit Award

Doyle Drive Historic American Landscapes Survey (HALS)

San Francisco, CA


Project Manager: Chris Pattillo

Client: ICF International

Creating the measured drawings for the Historic American Landscapes Survey (HALS) was one component of the comprehensive documentation of the cultural resources associated with the Presidio in San Francisco. This work included a written history and archival photography of the cultural landscape, done by other members of the team. The buildings and structures were recorded in a similar manner by others.

Because HALS was a new program when we started this work in 2008, this was a precedent-setting project. The methodology for recording the existing conditions and the graphic techniques used to record the information needed to be developed and refined as we did the work. The objective was to present the information in a manner that would be easily understood and legible. The measured drawing set included plans, sections, view diagrams, a figure-ground plan, hand-drawn details, a period plan and typology sheets that depict features within the historic landscape.