Merit Award

Port of Los Angeles Downtown Harbor

San Pedro, CA


Principal: Blake Sanborn

Landscape Designer: Hogan Edelberg

Client: the Port of Los Angeles

Public outreach played a critical role in determining the project vision. The top priority was to remove fill from the harbor to daylight more of the historic shoreline thereby extending the waterfront promenade. This feat of engineering had ecological, social, and economic value as it created a new focus for the San Pedro waterfront. Another top priority was to honor veterans and increase visitation to the Maritime museum. This was accomplished by creating a new plaza around the museum where nautical artifacts are publicly displayed and interaction with the exhibits is encouraged. Lastly, there was a strong desire to have space that could be actively programmed for various events and activities. From this criteria, the harbor amphitheater was born. By realigning the Red Car Trolley tracks, enough room was created to build an arcing amphitheater that embraces the water.