Meyer Studio in Berkeley created a unique exhibition in December where models and drawings of 3 projects embodied David Meyer’s intrigue with spaces that somehow touch the human spirit. While the show included ‘Limelight’, a winning commission for England’s Westonbirt Festival of Gardens along with ‘After Maximus’ a reimagined site in Rome, the work  focused on Heartwood Preserve in Omaha, Nebraska.
At this 500-acre site, being developed by Applied Underwriters, Meyer Studio is sculpting a series of vessels into the land to address the effects of climate change and catastrophic floods. While the earth at Heartwood has been meticulously shaped to manage water, the aesthetic intention is to further connect people with the ebb and force of nature and, hopefully, deepen their regard for it.
Meyer said he and his team wanted to acknowledge the “messy, meticulous process of discovering, drawing, designing, and building shapely places”.
Prints of select works are available for purchase with proceeds benefiting Ohlone Cafe at UC Berkeley’s Hearst Museum of Anthropology on the UC Berkeley campus.
For more about the show, visit

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