Honor Award

Waterway Park, Raycom City

Hefei, China

SWA Group

Landscape Architect: Marco Esposito

Local Landscape Architect: Mr. HU Qimin, Principal

Client: Raycom Real Estate Development

Waterway Park, a 2/3-mile-long public park flanked by stores, cafes and restaurants, is the heart of a new walkable mixed-use neighborhood with 30,000 residents. Waterway Park also serves as the filter for a 20-acre watershed, with rain falling storefront to storefront and on adjacent building roofs conveyed to a 1/2-mile-long waterway. The landscape architects subtly graded the neighborhood, two-lane green street and park so that the park's waterway falls across four pools to a receiving basin which meters out into city storm pipes.

The park's extensive walkway and bridge network, variety of people spaces and waterway-irrigated canopy trees provide a leafy human-scaled heart for the people living and working in the neighborhood's buildings and towers. In conjunction with the surrounding neighborhood's rich mix of amenities and services, Waterway Park strives to create a Sculpture for Living where people enjoy living locally for a significant percentage of their lives.