Honor Award

S River Park

Gan River, China

SWA Group

Lead Landscape Architect: Hui-Li Lee

Client: New Rule Lake City

The 5 kilometer river park sits along Gan River vital economic waterway with extreme water level fluctuations. Recognizing the economic importance and requirement for infrastructure that supports public safety, the vision of the S River Park is to create a “living” shoreline that balances both needs with an engaging riverfront experience.

The designers worked closely with municipality and hydrologic authorities identifying a shoreline that also needs to accommodate a 24 meter wide concrete levee and wing dikes for water transportation control. The plan seeks a diversified shoreline by revitalizing existing fluvial banks and rehabilitating the site’s ecological balance. Steps include redefining the concrete levee into a biking/jogging promenade providing open views to the river and the re-introduction of wing dikes to accommodate water transportation. These features will act to stitch together the new urban fabric with the river; recognizing the community’s desire for open space. Not only will the city be more vibrant and resilient, it will be closely linked to the ebb and flow of the seasonal rhythms of this ever-unfolding river.