Merit Award

Retrofitting Suburbia: Injecting Urbanism into Mountain View's Mayfield Mall

Mountain View, CA

SWA Group

Principal in Charge: Rene Bihan

Landscape Architect: Richard Crockett

Project Designer: Daniel Cunningham

Client: Korth Sunseri Hagey Architects

San Antonio Station is a landscape and architecture retrofit project that transforms an introverted site into an open, connected, and flexible campus landscape. Originally known as Mayfield Mall, this property boasts 500,000SF of ready built office space in the heart of Silicon Valley, but currently lacks the type of site and landscape improvements needed in the tech office space environment. The master plan has an emphasis on landscape amenities, thoughtful circulation, and melds an efficient site plan with the existing character of the place. Much of the landscape design takes inspiration from the graphics and geometries popular during the 1960s iteration of the site as Mayfield Mall as well as the existing structures and materials currently on site. The final product is an eclectic campus landscape that borrows from the character of the old to create a new and modern campus environment that is a great place to work.