Honor Award

Meadow Park Residence

Northern California

Blasen Landscape Architecture

Lead Landscape Architects: Eric Blasen, Silvina Blasen, Gary Rasmussen

Nestled in the coastal mountains of Northern California, Meadow Park Residence presents a grand return to the native landscape. A close collaboration between architect, landscape architect, and client, the project establishes a strong visual and spatial rhythm in each of three architectural interventions, a rhythm enriched by the softness of the landscape that unfolds around and connects the three structures, and underscored by intensive restoration efforts that embrace the surrounding native landscape.

Three building areas- two residential, and one hidden service area-were sited and designed to both provide a sense of privacy and to highlight the site's expansive views of meadow and mountain. Through three distinct, but integrated, articulations of site planting-structured planting of the built environment, natural habitat gardens, and productive landscape-the project restores the native oaks, redwoods, and grasses while increasing the biodiversity of the ecosystems at work on the site.

This commitment to sustainability is articulated through both landscape strategy and technology-including a bio-filtration system, solar array, and the large geothermal unit hidden beneath the native meadow.