Merit Award

Mariposa Park

San Francisco, CA

Wallace Roberts & Todd (WRT)

Lead Landscape Architect: James K. Stickley, ASLA, LEED AP

Client: Mission Bay Development Group, LLC

Mariposa Park is a culmination of multiple objectives identified through intensive community engagement including: ecologicalrestoration in an area long degraded by industrial uses; essential public space programming serving three San Francisco neighborhoods; cultural expression in San Francisco's oldest working waterfront; and a capstone park completing the new Mission Bay district's medical campus. The design team worked carefully with community and stakeholder representatives from the three neighborhoods that border the park , Dogpatch, Potrero Hill and Mission Bay , identifying specific goals and needs each of them had for a new park accessible from their neighborhoods. Sometimes these goals were competing, sometimes they were complimentary but above all, the neighbors wanted a park that was flexible for their various needs and delivered "real nature" in the City. Striking this balance between real nature and a highly programmed, flexible urban park was at the core of the challenges of this project. The resulting park design strives for its own unique design language and inherent beauty while providing program, ecological function and genuine cultural expression to the community.