Merit Award

Jack London Square Open Space

Oakland, CA

EinwillerKuehl Landscape Architecture

Lead Landscape Architects: Sarah Kuehl, Liz Einwiller

Client: CIM Group

Jack London Square is the primary location in Oakland to physically and visually access the waterfront. It is also the only place in Oakland to embark on a ferry as well as being home to many great restaurants. Despite the fantastic location, Jack London Square's Open Space has been under used and felt cut off from the city fabric. The design goal was to reinvigorate the previously homogenous and dated space and make it easier to find. The design opportunity for the open space was limited to a palette of site furnishings, painted surfaces, new signage, and planting. Strategic deployment of new, brightly colored site furniture was used to clarify wayfinding and promote variety and freedom in interacting with the site. In parallel with this intensification of color, a strategy of visual quieting was used to lessen visual clutter from the existing light poles, trash cans, ash urns, and the bright white water's edge railing. The improvements at Jack London Square create a new diversity of experiences and a strong visual identity.