Merit Award

Daggett Park: Making a Public Way Into a Public Stay

San Francisco, CA

CMG Landscape Architecture

Lead Landscape Architect: Chris Guillard

Client: Equity Residential

Daggett Park is the success of many years of advocacy and collaboration between the community, public agencies, and a private developer. Today it is a unique public open space on public land that is permanently maintained by the developer and programed through a local non-profit. This 1-acre public park is a vibrant community space serving families and residents from several surrounding neighborhoods, and sits between a large mixed-use development containing two buildings with residential units atop flex, retail spaces, and artist galleries. The design process involved community engagement to develop the programming for three major park components: a large lawn for flexible recreation and gathering; a dog park; and three sculptural elements: Tilted Lawn, Dog Park Enclosure, and Penta-Step, all doubling as play and sitting areas.