Landscape architecture needs to rethink our climate impact. By understanding the carbon emissions we put into the atmosphere through the built environment and how we can remove it is at the core of how landscape architects can contribute to solving the climate crisis. By empowering landscape architects, property owners, municipalities, and related professions, the Climate Positive Design Challenge provides the opportunity and the tools to design a better environment and take immediate climate action. If business as usual were to continue, designed landscapes will likely emit more than they sequester – potentially 200 million tons more carbon emissions in next 30 years. But the reverse is possible if we act now: studies show that when working together, by 2050 the global landscape architecture profession could take one gigaton of CO2 out of the atmosphere beyond project emissions – completely voluntarily, without new mandates or policies – merely empowerment through education. We now have the research, tools, and guidance to go beyond neutral and be Climate Positive.