The American Society of Landscape Architects Northern California Chapter has released the Call for Entries for the 2024 Professional & Student Awards. Award recipients and their clients will be honored at the awards presentation ceremony Chapter Annual Meeting and Awards Presentation on April 18th at Lake Chalet in Oakland.

The prestige of the ASLA awards program relies on the high-caliber juries that are convened each year to review submissions. The 2024 jury members are:

  • Ari Daman, Public Landscape and Urbanism Studio
  • Alma Du Solier, Hood Design Studio
  • Willett Moss, CMG
  • Zach Pozner, Stanford University
  • Scott Reeves, City of Los Altos
  • Kate Stickley, Arterra Landscape Architects
The ASLA-NCC professional awards feature seven categories:
  • Analysis and Planning recognizes products born of analysis or planning that are built or unbuilt.
  • Community Impact, Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) recognizes built or unbuilt projects or products that promote social justice, environmental justice, equity, diversity, inclusion, accessibility, community-based design, collaborative design, community stewardship, community service, and/or public engagement.
  • Design: General, Residential (single family and multi family), Parks Recreation Trails and Open Spaces, Historic and Cultural Landscapes recognizes built, site-specific works of landscape architecture. Large incremental projects must have at least the first phase completed.
  • Urban Design recognizes plans and projects that activate and improve civic spaces which mediate between social equity, economic viability, infrastructure, environmental stewardship and beautiful placemaking in the public realm.
  • Research and Communication recognizes products born of research or communication of landscape architecture works, techniques, technologies, theory, and/or history.
  • Small Projects Under $150k recognizes excellence achieved in landscape design on a small budget.
  • Student Awards recognizes Graduate and Undergraduate landscape architecture projects in any category.
Primary criteria for design categories:
  • Quality of design
  • Relationship to context
  • Relevance or demonstrable impact to the profession, the public, and/or the environment
  • Significant sensitivity to the environment and the principles associated with sustainable development
  • Effective written and visual communication of the project
Additional criteria:
  • Analysis & Planning – Primary criteria and innovation in approach and delivery.
  • Community Impact – Exemplifies effectiveness related to the service and demonstrated value to communities and the environment.
  • Design – Primary criteria with particular attention to the impact of the decision-making and engagement processes, spatial structure and character, cultural expression, resiliency, accessibility.
  • Research – Integrity of methods of inquiry, results and context; resources of the study; and the value of the conclusions to the field at large; Communication – effectiveness of message presentation, innovation in approach and delivery.
  • Student – Primary criteria and student(s) must have been enrolled in an educational program within the boundaries of the Northern California Chapter area when work was completed.
  • Urban Design – Primary criteria and positive contribution to the quality of city life and the advancement of urban communities and systems.
Typical Entries Include: public spaces, streets, transportation corridors and facilities, resorts, institutions; parks and recreational facilities; trails; open space; landscape reclamation; environmental restoration; conservation; landscape art; earth sculpture; single-family residences; multi-unit housing communities; historic preservation and restoration; cultural resource preservation and restoration.
Large Firms please note that in an effort to honor the goals of ASLA-NCC in support of small and minority-owned firms please limit your number of entries to a maximum of four per firm.

The chapter will be using CadmiumCD to accept and review award submittals. Please note you will receive an access key when you begin your submisson(s). Access keys from previous years or other ASLA accounts will not be accepted.

CLICK HERE for the Submission Guidelines.

Payment must be received through the CadmiumCD program to begin the submission process. Submission material must be received by 11:59pm Thursday, February 29th, 2024.

CLICK HERE to begin your submission.

Winners are announced at the Annual Meeting & Awards Presentation. Save the date to join us on April 18th at Lake Chalet in celebration of professional and student achievements. Details will be announced soon.