Defining Independent Contractors Assembly Bill 5 (AB 5) Survey

The California Council of ASLA (CCASLA), which represents all four CA ASLA Chapters in Sacramento, needs information from landscape architecture business owners and managers to help us best assess how the Dynamex Decision, codified by AB 5 in 2019, impacts our businesses.

Assembly Bill 5 has implications for landscape architecture businesses. It is unclear how the business-to-business exemption in the new law applies to contracting within our profession.

With your survey responses, CCASLA will solicit legal advice from a labor specialist to help us understand and clarify AB 5 for CA landscape architects.

The legal clarification will help us understand the risk associated with wrongly categorizing employees and independent contractors.

This survey is anonymous, and results will be reported in aggregate only . Add any additional information, if needed, for clarification.

Please take a few minutes to answer the questions at this LINK to complete this survey.

Thanks for your participation.