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Our society is at a critical inflection point and critical choices and actions we make today will determine our collective future. This is contextualized by a historic confluence of catastrophic events – a global pandemic, severe economic disruption, racial violence causing civil unrest, and environmental peril caused by climate change. This perfect storm exposes the intersectional impacts of a legacy of systems of societal injustice that have perpetuated inequities for BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and others with at-risk identities. This is deeply rooted in systems of injustice that have existed within our society since the founding of our country.

The resulting shifts and disruptions mean that we live in a time of risk of peril or potential to overcome the adversity surrounding us. We can’t make progress towards Justice until we are willing to do the work to expose and dismantle the intricate web of racist and unjust policies and practices that have resulted in many harmful outcomes for many. This includes re-evaluating how design perpetuates these policies and practices and looking at alternatives to challenge them.

The discussion will focus on evaluating an intentional intersection of disciplines – Architecture, Landscape, Urban Planning in developing a critical discourse to fuel strategic actions in the civic realm. The call to action will inspire a new set of practices and policy amendments in activism and advocacy that dismantle systems of oppression and progress towards an Anti-racist paradigm in the built environment. The collective exploration will have a deep focus on how Just and Equitable policies and frameworks drive Diversity and Inclusive opportunities and outcomes. #JEDIagenda